A fab review for Taxus Baccata

It’s always a joy to get a good review and hear that a reader has enjoyed my book but particularly when the review comes from the talented, Brian McManus, a fellow poet published by the awesome Hedgehog Poetry Press.

A truly enlightening volume which absolutely surpasses expectations

Patricia M Osborne is a popular, an accomplished, and a widely published writer contributing to our arts and culture in a variety of ways and forms, and it was with some anticipation that I set aside the time to read and hereby comment on her book of nature poetry, Taxus Baccata from the Hedgehog Poetry Press.

Nature poetry it certainly is but poetry which is endowed with such elemental qualities that it imbues the reader with an innate sense of satisfaction and furnishes them with an eloquent inspiration which carries them through the book and beyond.
In terms of line and stanza structure Osborne’s academic background shines through but in a manner which repeatedly delights and surprises.

The poetry is populated by a plethora of interesting characters, stories and sub-stories which offer a sense of inclusiveness and belonging to the reader but without the sometimes overpowering use of tired metaphor which sometimes diminishes much of contemporary nature poetry.

The language is crisp, fresh and emboldens the reader to search out the little mysteries and surprises which are sometimes teased in a conciliatory sense between the lines. There is a sense of the primordial below the surface here which all good nature poetry ought to possess and the rhythm is not metric rhythm but rhythm of the earth.

A complete lack of artifice completes the package and it is underlined by a real sense of the simplicity which is missing from our current world. For me, the unwritten promise of this volume is that it will have you quickly searching out more of the same. It is that kind of writing.

Brian McManus, Poet , Essayist, Reviewer, Researcher.

Thank you Brian for that wonderful review. Remember if you have read and enjoyed a book of mine, or from any writer, a review is always welcome. It doesn’t have to be an essay, a short, ‘I liked/loved it’ will suffice.

If any of my readers fancy a signed copy of Taxus Baccata – order via my online shop here – also available as a pdf for only £2.99. Pay safe and securely via PayPal.

2 thoughts on “A fab review for Taxus Baccata

  1. juliettebowers February 11, 2021 / 10:58 am

    A wonderful review, Patricia, it is so rewarding to have one’s poetry so expressively appreciated!

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