The Montefiore Bride

The Montefiore Bride will be published by the awesome The Hedgehog Poetry Press on 14th December 2020.

You can now pre-order your signed copy to be sent out once I am in receipt of the printed copies, or order in pdf format at a lower price and get your copy emailed to you within twenty four hours.

Profits from all copies bought through Patricia’s Pen, signed copies and in pdf format, will be donated to my local homeless shelter Crawley Open House. Check them out and see what they do.

Pre order your copy here and scroll down. Choose which version is relevant to you – Signed copy options are UK delivery – Outside of UK – Europe – Outside of UK – Rest of the World.

Pdf format – wherever you live.

The Montefiore Bride brought me a winning place in a Prickly Shorts competition earlier this year .

What’s it all about?

The Montefiore BrideA Sussex Fictional Tale Based on Facts

Back in 2017 as part of MA in creative writing I was required to take up a writing residency. I chose my local Victorian Park, Worth Park, in Crawley, West Sussex. As part of my remit, I researched the park’s past going back to 19th September 1888 when Sir Francis Montefiore, the first and last Baronet of Worth Park, brought home his Austrian bride.

This short fictional West Sussex tale is based on facts from archived newspaper cuttings, black and white historic photographs and filling in the gaps with fiction.

A preview read

The Arrival – 19th September 1888

Mr Burr and I push past men in top hats and bonneted women hovering around Three Bridges. White and blue bunting shimmers in the autumn sun. Villagers grip red flags. Mr Burr and I wait with eager crowds for the half past four to arrive.

            Red carpet in position, Sir Francis steps outside. I remember his Pa before him, a good man, one to respect, the Bart’s inherited that gift. He escorts his child bride, ‘Ice and Snow.’

            Elegance in satin, her gown embroidered with pearls, she enchants onlookers. The footman opens the carriage, lifts the lady’s moon-lace train. She settles onto the seat. Her spouse slides close, smiles, kisses her hand. We all cheer.

Step back to 1888 and become part of the Victorian crowd waiting at Three Bridges Station…

Preorder your signed copy now and help the homeless at the same time. This beautifully presented pamphlet will make a perfect stocking filler or a little treasure for you to keep.

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