Guest Feature – Pauline Sewards

My guest today is talented poet, Pauline Sewards who has come along to ‘Patricia’s Pen’ to discuss her writing. Without further ado, it’s over to Pauline.

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My Writing

Pauline Sewards

Hello. I’m Pauline, I currently live in Lincolnshire but I’ve also lived in London, Brighton and Bristol in recent years and been involved in writing communities in those cities. In Bristol I helped run a poetry night called Satellite of Love and last year I co-edited an edition of the journal  Magma. I met Patricia at a writing retreat a few years ago which I was invited to by a friend I met on an Arvon course. I love the various connections and opportunities which come about through writing.

In the old days when we could actually meet each other in the physical world I used to think of each Open-Mic reading as a golden ticket to new experiences. In this time of isolation I find books and the ability to connect with others through writing are more important than ever.

My two published books are works of poetry which contain characters and narrative. The first, This is the Band ( Hearing Eye 2018) started off as an attempt to write about my love of music but also includes coming of age stories and political poems. Spirograph (Burning Eye 2020) is due to be published in September ( I am thrilled to say). This book is more personal and one section deals with my lifetime job of working in addictions. I was concerned not to appropriate other people’s stories, therefore it is written  from the perspective of a worker. The book is divided into four sections called ‘Work,’ ‘Where,’ ‘Who’ and ‘Wonder’. It breaks out beyond work, just as life does. I chose the name Spirograph because I am always aware of co-incidences, connections and overlapping communities. Shortly after writing the title poem I went to a nearby charity shop and found a Spirograph toy on the shelf, box fresh from the 1970s! This convinced me, I had the right title.

I’d love to know what you think of the poems. If anyone would like a review copy let me know.

If you do purchase a copy of either of my books,  please consider sending me a picture of you with the pamphlet, in your favourite reading place.

Thank you for coming along to Patricia’s Pen, Pauline, and good luck with Spirograph.

About Pauline Sewards

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Pauline has been writing for many years alongside a career as a mental health nurse. She has been widely published in small press poetry journals and is working on a novel called ‘Fabric’ which is loosely based on family history. Pauline has hosted poetry events in London and Bristol and co-edited Magma magazine last summer.




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