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It’s lovely to invite Daisy White back to ‘Patricia’s Pen’. Daisy has come along to discuss ‘Writing a Crime Series in Lockdown’ so without further ado, it’s over to her.

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Starting Crime Series in Lockdown

D.E White

The first book in the DC Dove Milson series was published on March 31st 2020 by Joffe Books. Just a few days earlier I had been collecting my children’s work from school, under the instructions that we would break early for the Easter holidays, but hopefully the lockdown restrictions would ease in a couple of weeks…

So along with every other author in the same position, I needed to find a way to continue working, to write the next book in the DC Dove Milson series, to home school, to worry about vulnerable friends and relatives, to stock pile (we didn’t and there was a slight toilet roll shortage), and to try to adjust to the new normal.


My publisher did an amazing job of marketing my book, and my agent was extremely busy sorting out rights deals behind the scenes. I allotted extra hours to PR for Glass Dolls, alongside starting to write book two, The Ice Daughters. Normally I would have visited bookstores for signings, but everything went online. I spent time guesting on blogs (always a lovely and fun way to catch up with fellow authors!), joined author and reader groups on social media, and combined this with writing.

It’s always a nervous time when a new book comes out, especially book one in a series. Luckily the response was great, and I was so encouraged and relieved to read the reviews. The book bloggers were amazing, spreading the word and absolutely ‘getting’ the characters and plot. Always a lovely feeling, and of course as authors we write for the readers. It wouldn’t make sense otherwise.

I had already had to come up with synopsis for four books in each of the two series which were eventually signed (The DC Dove Milson series by Joffe Books and my new cosy mystery series by Bloodhound Books), so I had an outline of what I needed to do. It was tough going, trying to rearrange my working day to meet the deadline, but all of that was insignificant compared what was happening in the world.

A significant amount of time was dedicated to research, but once I start on a book, I do 2,000 words a day until the first draft is done. Afterwards I edit and edit and edit again. Finally, The Ice Daughters went off to my wonderful agent, Lina Langlee at The North Literary Agency, and soon afterwards was delivered to my publisher.

I have already started book two in my ‘cosy crime series,’ with a November delivery date, and alongside this will continue to develop a new psychological thriller too.

Soon the edits will come back for The Ice Daughters, and these will be added to my to-do list. It won’t be long before the next cycle is complete and I will be back to marketing prior to the book’s release, and writing the third books in both series.

Yet, even though it can be a struggle (okay, has been a struggle!), I am so aware how lucky I am to be able to make my living as a writer, and as long as readers continue to enjoy my books, I will continue writing more.

Thanks for sharing that, Daisy. I agree that as writers we are very lucky.

About Daisy White 

Daisy White - photo credit CLAIRE BREWER PHOTOGRAPHY (002)

Daisy White started writing fifteen years ago, scribbling ideas at work on the night shift, firstly flying as cabin crew, and latterly working for the Ambulance Service.

Her Amazon bestselling 1960’s cosy mystery trilogy, The Ruby Baker Mysteries, was published in 2017 by Joffe Books, followed by psychological thrillers Remember Me and The Forgotten Child (HarperCollins) in 2019.

Glass Dolls, the bestselling first book in a new DC Dove Milson crime thriller series, was published in March 2020. The second DC Dove Milson book, The Ice Daughters, will be out later this year.

A new cosy mystery series, out in 2021 will be published by Bloodhound Books.

Daisy is a multi- award-winning entrepreneur. She is represented by Lina Langlee at The North Literary Agency.







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