Sunday Writing Challenge (Monthly)

Today I bring you a lovely poem from Dorian J. Sinnott, titled Star Seeds. Enjoy.

Star Seeds by Dorian J. Sinnott






Star Seeds 

I count the dewdrops that collect in your hair,
painted pearls in auburn skies.
So long we’d waited for summer sun,
basking on the breath of blossoming light;
captured in silk spider webs.

Beneath the dogwood we sold our oath,
a fragile promise to the earth green.
And at nightfall we watch the stars,
making wishes on celestial rays;
an ode to kaleidoscoping cosmos.

Like roots we were sworn,
tied together by nature’s thread.
But under starfall we sever the tethers,
bidding farewell to the stratosphere;
freedom from gravity.

Born from comet dust and star seeds,
we plant our new universe.
Yet in our souls the Earth sings,
rejoicing in the garish sunlight;
baptized in solar flares.

Children of the soil,
Bearers of the stars.

You can find Dorian on Twitter.

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