Story Challenge – Write a story in under 100 words

This week’s challenger is writer, Alison Symes, a fellow Swanwicker.  Allison has  visited ‘Patricia’s Pen’ previously, answering not only to the story challenge but spotlighted under my Guest Feature. You can read Allison’s story, written in under one hundred words, below.


‘Darling, you look fabulous.’

‘Really? I haven’t been out in months. Truth is I’m nervous being anywhere after my car accident.’

‘How are you, darling?’

‘Well, being hit by that alien spaceship coming in to land too fast at the corner of Goodman’s Road wasn’t fun and …’

‘What is your moisturiser, sweetie? It makes you look young and smells invigorating. I could do with some. What is it?’

‘The cheap Dettol from Lidl’s.’

‘You’re a star to tell me. I must rush and get some before they sell out. See you!’

(92 words)


Thank you for a great story, Allison. I’m quite sure our readers have had plenty of conversations like that.

To find out more about Allison and her writing you can visit here

Submissions open for the story and haiku challenges – Check out the guidelines and submit for consideration via the online form here.


News for Next Week 

Don’t miss out on next week’s Tuesday Guest feature with Poet John McCullough . John poetry collection, Reckless Paper Birds (2019) was shortlisted for the Costa Poetry Award. John will be talking about his writing and offering advice to writers. Don’t miss it.


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