Julia Firlotte – ‘Chindi Author of the Week’

My special guest today is fellow Chindi author, Julia Firlotte. Julia is this week’s ‘Chindi Author of the Week’. Not only is Julia celebrating being Chindi’s author of the week but it is also publication week for her debut novel Trust in You.  Julia has come along to ‘Patricia’s Pen’ to share ‘the benefits of reading for mental health’. So without further ado, let’s go over to Julia.

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The benefits of reading on your mental health

Julia Firlotte

As I write this, worries about loved ones and friends weigh heavily on people’s minds and understandably the entertainment sector is featuring low on the agenda for many people.

With weeks of social distancing on the horizon, let us not underestimate though the importance of our mental health alongside our physical. It is widely acknowledged that reading can be hugely beneficial to our minds and spirits and it is a past time that has helped me personally take much valued ‘time out’ from unsettling and stressful periods in my life.

Writing romantic fiction has become my safe haven, allowing me to adventure anywhere and become anyone and enabling my readers to do the same.


So, if you are looking for a break from reality, my debut romantic suspense novel Trust In You provides just that. It tells the story of sheltered Ella Peterson who moves from England to America and is regrettably plunged into the depths of a criminal ring which only her charismatic boyfriend Adam Brook seems able to drag her out of. Adam appears to be everything she wants, but she soon discovers he is hiding dark secrets, but does that mean she can’t trust him?

Trust In You is a love story full of intrigue, lust and lies that will keep you on the edge of your seat, eager to turn to the next page and guaranteed to distract you from daily troubles, but even if romance is not your usual genre of choice, do pick up a book in the weeks to come. You’ll feel better for it.

Trust in you is now available in paperback and ebook

downloadClick here to order your copy.

About Julia Firlotte 

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Julia Firlotte is a romance author who writes page-turning love stories with intrigue, passion and unexpected twists. Trust always plays a key role in Julia’s writing and provides her with inspiration for more stories than she could ever find the time to write.

By day, Julia works in Logistics and looks after her young family (with whom she lives in West Sussex) and by night she is an avid reader, writer and book blogger of romantic fiction. She loves meeting friends (both fictional and real!) over a glass of wine or slice of cake.

For more information on Julia’s novels or to sign up for her monthly newsletter, go to her website or find her on social media.

Thanks for hosting me on your blog Tricia!

My pleasure, Julia. Do come back to ‘Patricia’s Pen’ soon. 

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