Tuesday Guest Feature – Joy Wood

Belated congratulations to author, Joy Wood, who published her latest novel, Who’s Smiling Now? on March 17th 2020. Joy has come along today to talk about her writing so without further ado, it’s over to Joy.


My Writing

Joy Wood

I have been writing and publishing novels for five years. My debut novel For the Love of Emily was primarily an experiment to see if I could actually write. I hoped it would sell, and thankfully it did, but the greatest surprise was initially how many – I was gobsmacked. However, I need to add a caveat about my initial success so I don’t give the impression it was easy. I spent months and months promoting the book and advertising widely on social media. I forced myself to go on local radio despite my broad Grimsby accent, and I went on local TV even though my fear was looking 12 pounds heavier! Local café’s kindly facilitated book signings for me (some offering free cakes), I had posters up in any shop down the High street that would let me, and I visited some local community groups and libraries to spread the word about my precious new novel. Thankfully it paid off and while I don’t yet have a holiday home in the Caribbean on the royalties – here’s hoping.


Prior to writing I worked as a nurse in the NHS so the journey from ‘Bedpan to Pen’ has been quite a contrast to say the least, but it’s been an absolute joy. So much effort goes into writing a book and it’s a roller coaster of emotions as each launch day arrives. Once readers have finished one of my books, every single message, email and review from someone I have never met but is eager to tell me they’ve enjoyed my novel, means the world and spurs me on to continue to write. It certainly makes all the blood, sweat and edits worth it.


My fifth release, Who’s Smiling Now? is a slight variation away from my  previous books. I want to try and stretch myself and try something slightly different and while I’m pleased with the ‘finished product’ it’s quite a nerve-wracking time I have to say. Will readers like it? – Will they prefer my previous novels? – the whole idea of writing is to give pleasure to readers, so I’m keeping everything crossed that this novel is equally successful and enjoyed in a similar way to my others, otherwise it’s back to the drawing board!


And here’s an extract from Who’s Smiling Now?


She heard her sister’s voice from behind her. “Here she is, the future Mrs Souter.”
Laura turned around at the same time as her mother. Danielle was balancing on her heels on the grass, clutching the arm of a much taller man.
Nothing had prepared her.
The smile faded from her face.
Her blood pressure plummeted.
She felt light-headed. Fuzzy.
It took every ounce of strength to keep breathing.
Danielle smiled eagerly at them both, “This is Cohan who I told you I met at work. Cohan, this is my mum, and Laura, who’s not only celebrating her twenty-first, she’s just got engaged tonight too.”
Her mum accepted his outstretched hand, “How lovely to meet you.”
“Likewise,” he replied, “Danielle’s told me about you all. Thank you for letting me be part of such a special evening.”
His dark eyes moved to lock with hers. Not a flicker of recognition from him.
His outstretched hand came towards her. The hand that caressed every receptive part of her naked body, the fingers that had stroked her intimately.
“Pleased to meet you, Laura,” he said through lips that had kissed her tummy and nipples only weeks earlier, “what a wonderful night for you. Congratulations.”
His smile was menacing. It urged . . . go on, I dare you.
She didn’t take his hand – she couldn’t.
How long had he been in the UK? And how in God’s name had he met her sister? He must have somehow engineered it.
Danielle was staring at her. “What’s the matter? You’ve gone really white?”
She shook her head to try and shake off the fuzziness, “Too many glasses of wine I think, you’ll have to excuse me.” She turned abruptly and quickly made her way to the house to lock herself away from him.
“Well it has been quite a night,” she heard her mother say, “the excitement must have got to her. Can I get you a drink, Cohan, and maybe something to eat?”


Wow… Are you gripped? I know I am. If you fancy purchasing a copy, click on the following link.


Who’s Smiling Now? 

Further links will be listed below, along with Joy’s other novels, but before that, let’s find out a little more about Joy.

About Joy Wood

FullSizeRender (002)

Joy Wood is a positive, enthusiastic person living in the beautiful seaside town of Cleethorpes in Lincolnshire. She is passionate about the NHS (and runs it from her armchair!) and spends her leisure time reading, walking, socialising and travelling. She loves cruising and can often be found in the ships libraries with passengers who are always looking for books; she has been known to drop into the conversation that she writes! Her greatest desire is to see someone on relaxing on a ship reading one of her novels.


Links to books

For The Love of Emily  

Knight & Dey

Chanjori House

April Fool  

Who’s Smiling Now

Links to where readers can find Joy Wood on Social Media






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