Challenge – Write a story in Less than 100 words

Today’s challenger to write a story in less than one hundred words is Mark Anthony Smith. His response comes in the form of ‘Stick’ which may be read below.


My stockier, older brother is stuck in the woods. He has twisted his ankle and is in pain.

I remember my pain as he twisted my arm behind my back. I remember crying out as he hit me and pinned me down for borrowing his bike without asking. For once, I am stronger than him.

I pick up a thick stick from the branches strewn about. I feel the weight as I tap it against my leg.  Should I think about the consequences?  The anger that I’ve hidden repeatedly rises in my chest.

I barely recognise those terrified eyes.

99 words


Great story, Mark.

Readers can find out more about Mark and his writing on his website here.


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