A story in less than 100 words

Our latest challenger to write a story in less than one hundred words is Lynn Johnson. Lynn’s response to the challenge comes in the form of The Best of the Best which you can read below. So why not pop the kettle on, make a cuppa and enjoy this coffee break read?

The Best of the Best

Life on the farm was perfect until one morning the farmer said, ‘I need to choose the best of the best for a special assignment, someone to help sell our produce.’

Sharon and Tracy were vain. Each thought they should be chosen. They argued and fought.

‘You’ll spoil your looks,’ they were warned.

The farmer couldn’t decide which to choose. Sharon looked bedraggled from the fight, so he chose Tracy. Tracy preened and beautified herself and looked magnificent.

She was first prize in the Christmas raffle.

That year the winner said his family had their best Christmas dinner ever.


99 words


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