Challenge – Write a story in less than 100 words

Today’s challenger is writer, Wesley Louis. Wesley has taken up the challenge to write a story titled ‘6/28’ in less than one hundred words which you can read below. 


A pentagram appeared inside my closet. He came into my subconscious.

‘I would like to make you an offer. Call it an investment. Earthly happiness and wealth in exchange for the Keys to your Secret Self.

‘Honestly, I was expecting you but not this early. Not today or tomorrow. Don’t bother rescheduling.’


‘It’s not logical or a good investment. To gain the whole world but at the end of my journey, lose my soul? No thanks. Not worth it. I sloped back to bed.

‘Curse not in effect.’ Ghostmoon faded.

91 words


Ooh. That was a bit of a spooky one, don’t you think? 

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