Challenge – ‘Write a story in less than 100 words’

Andrew Roberts is our latest writer to take up the challenge to write a story in less than one hundred words. You can read Andrew’s story, A Storm is Coming, below.

A Storm is Coming

A storm is coming. I feel it as I drive to work. I don’t feel prepared for it. I don’t think I want to be at work with it looming. That’s all I ever am; at work. Although it doesn’t mean I’m working.

I’ve not got much holiday. Four weeks a year. It just isn’t enough. I’m stuck here. I’m probably about to be fired. I don’t care. I’ve had enough. The storm will make it worse.

Perhaps I should leave. It won’t prepare me for the storm, but I can enjoy myself before it hits.

I turn around.

99 words


I think we can all feel that storm ahead. What do you think?

You can find out more about Andrew’s writing by visiting his blog here.

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