Challenge – write a story in less than 100 words

Steve Barnett is the next writer to take up the challenge to write a story in less than one hundred words. His response comes in the form of Tick, Clonk which may be read below.

Tick Clonk (1)

The writer’s mind ticked. His tongue clicked. Stretching his fingers, he made motions to type. They lacked direction. He sat comfortably in his bed waiting for inspiration to spring. The door handle clonked.

‘The potatoes are in the oven. I boiled them. They’ll be perfect,’ his girlfriend said. She lay next to him munching Wotsits.

I’ve no inspiration,’ The writer said, as he wrote mundane happenings hoping for inspiration to kiss.

‘How do you spell Wotsits?’ he asked.

She told him, then demanded to get a mention at the end of his story.

Thunder roared. Kelly.

96 words

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