Challenge in less than 100 words

Today’s challenger is Anne Craig. Her response to the ‘Write a story in less than 100 words’ comes in the form of The Longing. You can read Anne’s story below.

The Longing

Each evening I took out my needle and dreamt of a daughter. I stitched pure white lawn, creamy calico and fine merino wool into garments. Gingham brought a tear to my eye as I imagined my little sprite going to school.

John took it hard but we never talked about it after the first few years.

I gathered my fabric store and began a quilt. The final border, purple, from my funeral outfit. I won’t wear it again. I have my memories and only have to spread out my quilt to see the whole of my life before me.

99 words


Well I’m sure you’ll all agree that was a bit of a weepy.


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