Challenge – Write a story in less than 100 words

Today’s story comes from challenger, Zowie Sweetland. Her response to the ‘Write a story in less than one hundred words’ is The Cloak which may be read below.  Enjoy.

The Cloak 2

As the mysterious cloak, which surrounded her waking mind, lifted, she realised that she was not where she expected to be. Cautiously, she peered out the window, at the leafy scene rushing by. Where was she? Why didn’t she recognise any of the scenery? She looked around the carriage, but it was empty, apart from a discarded water bottle. Never mind, she would check her phone and find out her location. Except, she couldn’t… her bag, which had only moments before, (or so it seemed to her), been next to her, was gone forever…

94 words


Ooh another spooky one. I love how these prompts bring out a similar theme.

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