A story in less than 100 words

Thank you to writer, Kevin J Milsom, for taking part in the ‘Write a story in less than one hundred words’ challenge. You can read his response, Travel Plans, below.

Travel Plans (1)

‘You won’t need all that stuff, Sarah!’ Mother’s voice held its usual firmness.

Naturally, I ignored her.

‘Yes…changes of clothes, for sure. Many things!’

Mother smiled.

‘You won’t, my darling.’ She frowned. ‘Are you in pain?’

I realised I wasn’t. Hurrah for paracetamol!

Harry gripped my hand tightly. I saw him clearly now, yet different somehow. My whole family looked different.

Mother smiled at my expression.

‘They can’t see us now, darling. It’s time. I won’t leave you again.’

Initially, the light was blinding; just as the deepest peace enveloped me. ‘Oh Mother, it’s so beautiful.’

96 words


Well I’m sure you’ll agree, that one was quite a weepy.


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