A story in less than 100 hundred words

Thank you, Brian Moate, for taking part in the ‘write a story in less than one hundred words challenge, when he takes himself back to being a young child, with his submission Reminiscence.


‘Come ‘ere ya  little scamp’ yells me Nan ‘that’s got a reight mucky face, and there’s enough dirt be’ind yer ears to grow taters. Ah’ll ha’ ter gie thee a spit wash!’

But I had different ideas.

She tried, but I twisted and struggled, and screamed blue murder. No way was I getting a spit wash from her mucky hanky.

Try as she might she couldn’t get me. Eee, she wasn’t  half mad!

‘Tha’ll cop it when yer Mum comes home,’ she bellows. She picked me up and put me in the dolly tub so I couldn’t climb out.

99 words


Well I don’t know about you but that one certainly gave me a laugh. Thank you, Brian.


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