A story in less than one hundred words

Well I’ve had my first taker in response to the challenge of writing a story in less than one hundred words. The story Lost is written by my little sister, Sandra Greenough. Sandra not only tries her hand at writing but she creates wonderful gifts using wood. Do take a look at her products over on Etsy.

And here’s her story:

House of Grace by Patricia M Osborne (002)

She searched the cavernous depths of her handbag, depicting the chaos of her life; amidst never-ending half-finished to-do lists, stray hairs from the hairbrush, in need of a clean, the random number of people fleetingly met, important in the moment, but never to be contacted. It evaded her in her home that gnawed for attention; a petulant never satisfied child. It wasn’t at her work, the demands always more than she had left to give.

But it was in the forest where she found it.

86 words


Thank you for taking part in the challenge, Sandra.

Any other takers?

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