Graduation Day – Master of Arts


The day has arrived – the day that I collect my certificate and receive recognition for all my hard work –  Master of Arts in Creative Writing. Hopefully I will  manage to have lots of photographs taken and be able to share them with you.

The ceremony is at Brighton Centre where I will meet up with my peers and tutors as well as having the support of friends and family. It’s pouring with rain but I’m not going to let that spoil the day. Today will be special. Having left school at fifteen without any exams to go to work, because my father was disabled, I never thought I’d get a BA degree, never mind an MA, and I never thought I’d publish a novel and write another one to be published later this year, and I never thought I’d have a huge amount of poems published. It just shows that it’s never too late to learn.

Join me in my celebration –  and if you’re around at 3:15pm, GMT, this afternoon, you can tune in and watch the ceremony live from the link below. Who knows, you may be able to spot me?

watch live ceremony here

or via Facebook

So all I have to say now is thank you for all your support and Cheers – join me in my celebration and help yourself to a glass of virtual sparkly.


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