~ The Deed is Done ~

IMG_3385 (002)

So Wednesday evening, 19 September 2018,  I submitted my MA dissertation electronically and Thursday morning set off on the train to Falmer to hand in the printed version into Brighton University.

I met up with my uni friend, Suzi Bamblett in the library and we headed to the Humanities office to hand in our manuscripts. It was a bit of an anti-climax popping it into a cardboard box.

IMG_3420 (002)

After submitting we went for a walk around Falmer and discovered a duck pond and wild flowers before finding The Swan, a lovely country pub, that served us a fabulous jacket potato with salad. Of course with that we had to have a glass of Prosecco to congratulate each other for all our hard work. We made it. It took us four years but we got there in the end.

Once I got home a glass of Rosé Champagne was in order.

IMG_3427 (003)

So there you have it, after four years of study my MA journey has come to an end. Over the next couple of weeks I plan to share my MA Story so watch this space.


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