Sorry for the Silence


Hello Friends

I thought I’d just explain my silence and what I’m up to at the moment. Well I’m right in the height of completing my MA Creative Writing dissertation. It’s been great fun exploring the myth and folklore around trees to create my poetry. What isn’t such good fun is working on the essay. My brain is willing me back to the poems rather than spend time on academia. Still come 21st September the MA thesis will be submitted and then  Academia and I will part our ways and I’ll only be wearing a creative hat.

What’s to come?

Well, The Coal Miner’s Son now has a new target release date of December. Also, to come, are at least two poetry anthologies. I have to say this MA project has been my favourite and I plan to delve further into folklore and mythology extending it to birds and wildflowers. Don’t you just love nature?

So, watch this space, and thank you for your continued patience and support.


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