How to serve an orange


IMG_1861 (2)


A couple of Jaffa oranges

Sharp knife

Plastic container


Are you like me and love oranges but can’t stand the mess they make when you eat them? If so read on. I’ve shared this tip with many friends and family and they all agree that it is a great tip. I thought it only fair to share it with my readers.

I love oranges and they are good for you in so many ways. I eat a minimum of one per day if not a lot more. However, I didn’t always do that because I hated the stinging the acid caused on my lips and hands. Then one day by accident, I came across a great tip for curing this problem.

Using a sharp knife, slice the orange up.


Put into a sealed plastic container and pop in the fridge.


Take out a few hours later and you have an orange that moves away from the skin with ease. No mess, no stinging – just yummy orange.

As I mentioned earlier, I eat oranges all the time, breakfast, lunch and dinner and sometimes just as a snack. While family and friends over the last few months have been hit with viruses I have been fine. It could be a coincidence or it could be because the oranges have built up my immune system.

Check out this blog by Diana Herrington on Care2 where she lists 13 health benefits on eating an orange. Get started now.

Now if you’re a new writer, prose or poetry, you could continue this exercise by honing in on your senses. I did such an exercise with my adult beginner poetry students at a recent workshop.

What does the orange taste like? Does it have a smell? Does it look like anything else? Perhaps a wagon wheel? Play around with your imagination and without realising it you will come up with all sorts of similes and metaphors to use in your writing.

I hope to be back shortly with more frequent blogs but in the meantime it is back to a creative writing essay for me as part of my MA – the deadline is next week.

Enjoy your oranges…








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