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I followed Grace through thick and thin, both elated at her joys and cast down with her misfortunes, distressed when she was forced to make hard decisions. Grace is like a best friend. You want her to find happiness, you root for her success, you will her on. She’s a modern woman who takes responsibility for her own choices and whose values and beliefs keep her grounded and committed to family and friends, and steadfast in her talent as a fashion designer.
Patricia M Osborne leads us through Grace’s story with a restrained hand and a detailed eye. Era and place are evoked with sensitivity and clarity, be it coal miner’s house or grand mansion. Grace struggles against the inequalities of the time, insisting on living her own life, free of the limitations imposed by society. I laughed and cried along the way, reluctant to put the novel down. Grace stayed with me long after the last page.

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Watch this space – not long now…

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