Morning fellow writers and followers. Today I thought we would talk about stationery. That is in so much that I have a terrible fetish for the stuff. When people ask me what I’d like for a Christmas or birthday gift, my answer is always the same. Notebooks and pens please. My lovely late mother would get cross (in a nice way) and say things like ‘I’m not just buying you that.’ And I would say, ‘Why not? It’s what I like.’ A similar thing happened a couple of weeks ago, because I am approaching a big numbered birthday, one of my sister’s said that the family would like to club together to buy me something special. My answer, ‘A nice pen please, that I can keep.’ She was shocked, ‘that’s not very much.’ But you can get some lovely pens and what better to remind oneself of a special birthday and family, than something you can keep and use every day.

How many of you share this fetish? Novelist, Isabel Ashdown does. In fact it was after reading her article on her blog that prompted me to bring this subject up to day. Here’s a link to her article. Enjoy.

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