Guest Feature – Rebecca Marsh

It gives me great pleasure to invite author, Rebecca Marsh, who has come from across the pond to chat about writing, in particular, her new book Where Hope is Found. Without further ado, let’s go over to Rebecca.

My Writing

Rebecca Marsh

Many thanks, Patricia, for having me on your blog! I have so enjoyed getting to know other authors and finding a community of support.

I started writing at the age of twelve, but I don’t write so much because I love writing, but because I have stories to tell. I’ve been asked many times where my stories come from, but for most of them, I’m not sure I know. However, once they are there, I want to share them. With each story, my greatest hope is to do it justice. There’s no greater joy than a reader telling me how one of my books affected them emotionally.

Why I write what I do

Although I enjoy reading a variety of different genres, the stories I’ve had in me to write (so far anyway) have always been emotional. Typically stories of healing that take the reader on an emotional journey and come to an uplifting ending. As I said before, I write the stories that are in me. But I think the reason these stories come to me is because emotional stories are the ones that tend to affect me the most. They are the ones that hover in my mind for a while, the ones whose characters stick with me.

That’s what I want to do with my own writing; I want to tell stories that move people, make them think, and see an experience of their own in a way they never had before. I want to give hope to my readers offering endings which leave them satisfied.

Where Hope is Found: released
Oct. 15th 2020.


One tiny moment in time can shatter your whole world.

A family beach vacation turns to tragedy and Marissa must find a way for her and her traumatized eight-year-old daughter, Maisy, to move forward and heal. But memories of what she lost surround her, threatening to take her to a dark place; a place she can never go again.

When her brother extends an invitation for her and Maisy to move in with him on Princess Island, Marissa thinks it might just be the fresh start she needs. But can she really find hope and healing on an island surrounded by the same ocean that broke her heart? 

And here’s a treat from Rebecca as she provides an excerpt from Where Hope is Found.

Marissa’s panic grew. She began pushing her way through the crowd, not even hearing the protests people shouted.

When she reached the center of the crowd, she saw the legs of a man sticking out from behind the lifeguard who was performing CPR. Marissa sucked in a breath. She didn’t need to see his face. Staring at the bright red swim trunks, she knew right away it was Kevin.

Marissa froze in place as if time was going on without her. She wanted to scream, but no sound would come out. She couldn’t move. She could barely breathe.

Approaching sirens screamed through the wind, coming closer.

In seconds EMTs were pushing through the crowd. When they reached the center, the lifeguard stood up. He moved aside, giving Marissa a clear view … and her world shattered.

Well I hope that taster gets you buying Where Hope is Found – links are provided below for this book and Rebecca’s other publications. Before that let’s find out a little more about her.

About Rebecca Marsh

Rebecca L. Marsh is an author of women’s fiction and a member of the Paulding County Writers’ Guild. She grew up in the mountains of Western North Carolina, and now lives in Dallas, Georgia, with her husband and daughter.

When not writing, she enjoys spending time with her family (cats and dog included), watching movies, and reading a good book. Rebecca occasionally makes home-made candy and works on her scrapbooks (she is woefully behind).

Her novels, When the Storm Ends, The Rift Between Us, and Where Hope is Found are available on Amazon in paperback and eBook form. Paperbacks are also available for order on her website.

Links to buy Rebecca Marsh’s books

Paperbacks are available on Rebecca’s website

Paperbacks and eBooks available on Amazon

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