Nice Hair – just a short blog today

Hi to my friends and followers. I expect you all thought that I’d forgotten about you. Please accept my apologies for neglect. Unfortunately life isn’t quite so easy since I arrived back from Bucharest with a femoral neck fracture. After a visit to the hospital the consultant insisted I remain non weight bearing for another four weeks due to the lack of post operative notes from the Romanians.  This in turn has made life hard as hopping never was my big thing. Thankfully now armed with a Zimmer frame in place of crutches I’m able to manage to get around a bit more which means I can get to my study, although I can’t stay there for too long without pain. One of the biggest problems I have encountered is not being able to wash my hair so I was very happy today to be able to get to the hairdressers with my husband’s help and have a shampoo and blow dry. I now feel almost human.

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